Ping Irons By Year: Revolution Of 5 Decades

In this article, I have the history of ping irons by year and a complete buying guide that will help you choose the right one by following the simple guidelines!

Ping is an American sports equipment brand that the golf community loves because of their high quality and reliability. Several high-profile golf players like to keep them in their golf bags, especially the high handicappers. 

Although, Ping has a history of providing premium ping irons by year since Karsten founded the brand Solheim in 1959. Below, I have mentioned the ping irons by year, and a complete guide on selecting the right one.

Table Of Ping Irons By Year: From 1969 to 2024

Year Of ReleasePing Iron
2024G730, i530, Blue Print S, Blue Print T
2023G430, G 430 HL, i230, G LE3
2021G425, i59
2020G710, G410
2019Blueprint, G410, G Le2
2018G700, i500, i210
2017i200, G400
2016G, iBlade
2015G Max, iSeries, Ping Karsten
2014i25, G30
2013G30, G25, S55, Anser Forged 2013
2011G20, Anser
2010G15, i15, Anser Forged 2010, 
2008Rapture V2
2007I10, Rhapsody, G10
2006S58, Rapture, 
2005i5, G5
2004S59 Tour
2003S59, G2 HL, G2 Ladies, G2 EZ, G2, i3+ Blade, G2 L
2000I3 Blade, i3 Oversize 
1996ISI Nickel, ISI, ISI K, ISI BeCu, 
1994Zing 2, Zing 2 BeCu
1991Zing, Zing BeCu
1990Eye2+, Eye2 Dot, 
1989Eye2+ No+
1986Eye2 BeCu
1985Eye2 Square Groove
1984Eye2 EZ Lite
1969 – 1976Karsten I, Karsten II, Karsten III, Karsten IV

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How Ping Irons By Year Has Evolved Time To Time

ping irons by year

After the first release of Ping irons in the late 90s, the brand has made certain changes and improvements in their irons. With each year, they have provided a special feature in every model, some of which I’ve mentioned below:

Revolutionary i3 Irons

After the launch of i3 irons by Ping, golf players have seen changes in the game as they started using them. The irons provide golf players with a choice between player irons and a game improvement iron which is something amateur players were looking for. 

In addition, this improved version of iron has cut off the vibration  – a special feature that has become a backbone of ping irons by year. 

Change In Manufacturing Material In Rapture

In 2006, the designers and manufacturers at Ping decided to use different types of materials to manufacture Rapture in the form of a stainless steel body. However, this stainless steel body is further incorporated with a thin titanium face and tungsten toe weight that made the highest MOI possible for the Ping. 

Ping G Series Iron By Year

The G series was first released in 2003 for game improvement making it easier for golf players to truly experience golfing on the field. To this date, they are constantly doing several tweaks and minor improvements and releasing specific models for low handicappers, high handicappers, slower swing speeds, and high-launching clubs, etc. 

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How To Choose The Right Ping Iron: Helpful Guide

Choosing the right golf irons can be tricky sometimes, especially when you’re not fully aware of your needs. However, the ping irons by year has brought a lot of changes and improvements tailored with a specific type of need. Below, I have provided a helpful guide to select the right ping iron for golfing.

You Should Know About Your Handicap

The first thing that you should consider is to have a precise consideration of your handicap. For example, if you’re a high handicapper golf player, then a game improvement iron would be a perfect choice for you. 

You can consider a G series such as G710 iron for your golfing as it will suit your needs.

On the other hand, if you are a low handicap golf player, then I recommend choosing the player irons. The player irons stands best for controlling the distance, workability, feel, and the sound of your swing shot. At this point, you should consider a blueprint iron if you are a low handicap player. 

The important thing you should know here that it is not always the case to choose the player iron only if you are a low handicap golfer. You can choose any if you want to play with variety of iron sets. The point is the better equipment you choose for your game, the more it will help you to improve. 

But if you get an opposite of what you need, it may take years to learn a perfect swing whether you’re a low handicap player or high handicap.

Always Set Your Budget Before Shopping

Another important thing that you should consider to make an informed decision is to set a specific budget and don’t go over it. The thing is that there are ping irons available in the market worth hundreds, and even thousands of dollars. 

But, you can’t bet which one will be beneficial for you unless you identify your needs and specify a budget. Although, if you want the feeling of temptation and budget is not the issue, I still recommend you to choose a ping iron ranging between $1000 – $1500 max at the beginning of your golfing. 

There are several affordable ping irons by year available in the market, you can consider them as an alternative.

Make Sure If The Iron Design Gives You The Confidence

In golfing, do you know what’s more important than choosing the right equipment? The confidence and feeling of accomplishing the right shot!

If you’re getting the good feeling about the design and appearance of the ping iron it should boost your confidence on the field. 

Now here’s the technical part…

The design of the iron matters a lot. If a golf iron has thick topline in the club as a high handicapper, then it would provide you more comfort compared to the others. But if you have set of irons that doesn’t look appealing, you may lack confidence in your setup while competing with others which can impact your swing. 

Confidence is the key reason I always prefer choosing high quality equipment such as golf shoes, balls, and irons.

Final Words

Now that you have know the history of ping irons by year, I hope you choose the right one. The takeaway here is to make sure you’re fully aware of your golfing needs and no matter which year model you choose, it should fit exactly with your needs

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